Paul Zindel

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My Biography
by Paul Zindel

"I grew up on Staten Island with my mother and sister. When I was young, my father left the family, and I saw him about every other Christmas. My mother struggled to get money from him, and tried to keep us together, moving from apartment to apartment and coming up with "get-rich-quick" schemes...

Journey to Meet the Pigman
by Paul Zindel

It's been twenty-five years since The Pigman was published, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to tell you about a mystery connected with the book. I suspect the mystery has as much to do with a search for the seeds of my own boyhood as it does with an investigation into the true identity of the Pigman...

Paul Zindel Obituary
New York Times

Mr. Zindel had been a high school chemistry teacher for six years, demonstrating basic chemical reactions and explaining concepts like atomic numbers and covalent bonds, when ''The Effect of Gamma Rays'' opened in Houston. As with other plays that were staged before he quit teaching in 1969, he had written it in his spare time and seemed to relish his outsider status -- he never went to the theater, he said, until he was already a published playwright...

Remembering Paul Zindel
by Don Gallo

We've lost a giant in the field of books for teens. An in credibly talented person. A nutty, fun-loving, kid-loving guy. A brilliant thinker.

The New York Times obituary focused on his Pulitzer Prizewinning play, The Effect of Man-in-the Moon Marigolds, which was, of course, no small contribution to theater. But they minimized what we in the world of Young Adult Literature know so well...

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Paul Zindel
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Presenting Paul Zindel
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