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652) Alex Atchison 
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1-28-2012 11:23 AM

When I read "The Pigman", I was stunned. I had never read such a powerful book that was depressing yet comforting ever before. I almost broke out into tears when I had read the ending, but was happy that I knew the Pigman was back with his wife and Bobo again.

Last night, I just finished "The Pigman and Me" and found it just as great. I'll start reading "The Pigman's Legacy" when I have a chance. Thank you, Mr. Zindel for providing the world with such classic novels.

Madison M 3-15-2012 07:24 AM
I also, was stunned after reading the book. I was completely saddened about the death of the Pigman and of Bobo. I am looking forward to reading "The Pigman and Me". I am hoping it will be just as great as "The Pigman".

Nicole :) 3-15-2012 07:27 AM
I too was stunned at the ending, and i agree that it was very depressing. When Mr. Pignati passed it was almost like it was real. I wish he wouldn't have died, it would have been better with him alive.

And i think i may read "The Pigman and Me", it sounds like it would be really great!
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